• Transforming Supply Chains

    Vorbeck makes designing, developing, and manufacturing RFIDs more cost effective using our patented Vor-ink™ technology.
    Vor-x® graphene absorbs electromagnetic radiation, making it the perfect solution for printed RFID antennas.

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  • TailoredPackaging

    Manufacturers and retailers are looking for innovative solutions that enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Reducing theft and increasing operational efficiencies drives higher levels of profitability.
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  • InnovatingPrinted Electronics

    Create unique printed electronics solutions using our proprietary Vor-x® single-sheet graphene. Vorbeck formulations can offer significant design, performance and cost benefits over traditional technologies.
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  • Engineered Elastomers

    Provides exceptional strength, stiffness, durability, conductivity, and increased operating temperatures. Enhanced performance for critical components in tires, fuel systems, flexing systems such as diaphragms.
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